ACRYLIC art sculpture

London artwork

The London artwork "London all in one umbrella" has been designed on the computer in 135 layers. The art is printed on the back of 3 - 6 to 6 millimeter acrylic plates. The images are cut out and placed on top of each other with about 3 millimeter air between, which gives the artwork natural shadows. It is a very long and expensive process but the outcome is very cool and exclusive. 

Description:  The London artwork contains famous buildings from the city all put in an up side down umbrella. 

Art info:

Wall sculpture

Size 120 x 140 cm

Edition of 10

Year 2017

Material: Acrylic art

Created in 135 computer layers

+ 3 acrylic art layers

Weight 24 kilo

Ready to hang

The London all in one umbrella artwork is part of Michala Brincker's limited edition only 10 of the London art "all in one umbrella" acrylic art pieces are being made worldwide. With every art sculpture followers a signed and numbered art certificate. The London all in one umbrella art sculpture is also signed and numbered on the back of the artwork it self.

London painting by Michala Brincker
London artwork by Michala Brincker
London art by Michala Brincker