New York artwork by Michala Brincker
Artist Michala Brincker
Earth artwork by Michala Brincker
Rooster artwork
Whale sculpture
ceramics face sculpture
oyster arwork
Harlequin sculpture
ceramics bust sculpture
White ceramics face sculpture
ceramics face sculpture
koepenhavn billede michala brincker
ceramics sculpture
ceramics happy face sculpture
Michala Brincker artist
Poseidon sculpture
octopus art
Fish sculpture
Coral art
London city painting
Butterfly art sculpture
ceramics face sculpture
Cow painting
Michala Brincker art speach
Mr 50 Shades of Grey art
Fox art
Fox art piece
Deer art
Owl art
Mr Fox artwork
Tiger art
Woman art
ceramics face sculpture
Rooster painting
Rooster artwork
Goat art
Cow art
ceramics sculpture
octopus artwork
coral art
ram artwork
ram art
Sheep art
Sheep artwork
Sheep painting
Copenhagen art
I loves creating art that inspires people. Love, compassion and imagination are some of the topics in my art.
Every art piece tells its own story - normally with a twist of humour