The New York artwork is in Spain

Michala Brincker’s art is in SPAIN. The New York acrylic artwork is now represented at the exclusive ART Gallery Arte Casa, Port Andratx, Mallorca, Spain. Right next to Jeff Koons wonderful dogs! Thank you to Andy and Yoanna for taking these lovely photos!ünstler-artists-artistas/michala-brincker

Working in clay

I have started in a clay class, it is very fascinating what you can do with clay and I totally love it. I have to follow the class of course but my teacher Jeanette Bronsted (educated from the Danish Art Academy) is very patient with me. We have made an agreement that I am allowed to go my own way, just along as I keep informing her of what I want to create. This is very difficult because my hands have so many ideas and so little time... Jeanette is very inspiring, I also learn about the human anatomy and so much more. Here you can see some of my work, bare with me, I have only had 4 classes so far. It is so different from how I normally work, I find so much peace in it.

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