BIO/CV Michala Brincker

Michala Brincker artist


I have a Multimedia Computing Art & Business education and a BBA in International Business & Marketing – and dozens of graphic courses and numerous photo shoot lessons. It has taken years to arrive at where I am now, and it’s still a lot of fun!

I absolutely love what I do - and I am so grateful that the universe has been so kind to me.


My childhood & life (inspirations/influences):

I discovered my passion for photography and drawing at a very young age. My father had a number of Leica cameras that I was allowed to play with, my Godfather was a successful photographer and my mother was a graphic designer. My mothers uncle Finn Carlsen (a Danish sculptor, ceramicist and painter) inspired me to start working with clay.


My parents were full of energy and they involved me in so many interesting things.

I grew up in a wonderful, creative and adventurous family and throughout my childhood I sailed in the Swedish archipelago where the Northern light is breath taking and inspiring. I have spent every summer holiday with my family in our beautiful summerhouse where drawing, playing and building rafts and tree houses were part of my daily life. During the winter we went skiing in the French Alps where I started experimenting with my camera. As a contrast to the liberal and creative environment I enjoyed at home, I attended an international school in Copenhagen run by Catholic nuns. I have lived in many countries and I speak Danish, Swedish, English, German and French. I am dyslexic so I'm sure that you will find some spelling mistakes on my webpage sorry I'm not perfect. But I think that this little "handicap" has boosted my creative sense.


My late grandfather Per Carlsen founded a publishing company, focusing on comics and children’s illustrated books published all around the world so story telling and looking at images have had a great impact on my life. Perhaps that is where my fascination with images, photography, painting and playing with colours comes from.


At the age of 21 I survived a severe accident which took years of training to recover from. It was a very hard time but also a gift, as it made me look at life in a very different way. I think that my dedication to my art is due to what has happened to me in the past, the present and to what the future holds... Sometimes life can be challenging, but I feel very privileged that I can dedicate my time in my own little creative world. So welcome to my world :-)

My job is my hobby and life is my inspiration. My kids are the greatest gift in life, they inspire me every day and help me look at the world through different eyes. I love my husband, kids, family and friends, So beside my art and my family, I also love sailing. I think that the sea has had a huge influence in who I am and how I work. The sea fills me up with so much energy and so many ideas. Diving, traveling, interior design are also great passions of mine. I also love the nature and its inhabitants - but I am very concerned about the future of our earth. I think that is why I try to make my animals in my art as human as possible to show my audiens that they have souls too. I really love creating art that inspire people. Love and compassion are some of the topics that I use in my art pieces. Every artwork tell’s it’s own story, normally with at twist of humor.

I'm always on the look out for new opportunities to display my art around the world, so let’s see what 2021 will bring me!

Thank you for showing interest in my ARTWORK and me.


Kind regards,

Michala Brincker


Exhibition/highlights/education/art classes:

2021/May - France:

Art Exhibition at L'Atelier in South of France.


Postponed 2021/May the 27th to 30th:

Art Exhibition " Åbne Døre Gentofte" in Denmark the 27th to 30th of May 2021. Postponed.....

2020/May - (on pause / COVID-19):

Art Exhibition " Åbne Døre Gentofte" in Denmark now postponed to 2021. 


Art exhibition New York, canceled due to COVID-19.

2020/January - (on pause / COVID-19):

Danish Design Museum art class. On pause...

2019/September - (open):

Joined the ceramics permanent workshop at Viborggade 2, Østerbro, Copenhagen.

2019/August + 2020 (on pause / COVID-19):

Joined The Danish ceramics sculpture art class by Jeanette Brøndsted.


Art Palm Beach Exhibition in Miami the 16th. - 20th. January invited by Design Werck

Two of my art pieces was represented at this art exhibition: The New York artwork and The Copenhagen - just a drop in the water artwork.


Exhibition in New York 5 art pieces at SHAMBALLA JEWELS NEW YORK 


Exhibition of 4 art pieces at DESIGN WERCK Copenhagen 2017 - June 2018 



Donation of art to Red Cross Ball silent auction, Zurich.



Exhibition at DER 4TE RAUM by IQOS, Zurich, (sponsored by Philip Morris product S.A.) with 16pcs of my artwork.


2017 (2015):

My artwork is now at Gallery Arte Casa, Port d’Andratx, Mallorca, Spain,ünstler-artists-artistas/michala-brincker/



Art exhibition at DER 4TE RAUM by IQOS, Zurich (sponsored by Philip Morris product) with 16pcs of my artwork.



Donation of art to Red Cross Ball silent auction, Zurich.


Article in Le Cercle magazine London (


Exhibition at Le Bec, Verbier, Switzerland.


Exhibition at PHOTO15 Zurich, 4 of my art pieces was at the exhibition selected by an art jury,



Cooporation with “Life time kids rooms” art for kid’s walls.



95 pieces different season posters for the head library in Denmark, Hellerup


Donation of owl artwork to Child cancer organisation

Art print on products in 400 shops in Scandinavia!



Art exhibition/sale at The Royal Cafe in Copenhagen & Tokyo.



Postcards design/GoCard.


Designing & selling my own artwork mostly for kid’s rooms.



Education & skills:

2004/2006: Multimedia Designer from Lyngby Media & Design Business School Denmark.

1990/1992: Academy Economist BBA Copenhagen Business College, Niels brock.


Technology (IT):

PhotoShop, Illustrator, IN-Design, Flash, Final Cut Pro etc.


Danish, Swedish, English, German and French


Married, two children