Artwork and Fine art paintings

My artwork here is one flad painting as the art is printed on Museum/Gallery DiaMount plexiglass 3 to 5 mm or the artwork is printed on alu dibond plates 3 to 5 mm. When using alu dibond plates I spray varnish on top of the paintings.

My artwork is framed in exclusive frames (few are not framed as it looks better with out). I design my artwork by using mixed media like photos, paintings, computer filters etc. I put shadows behind elements in my art, this gives the viewer a 3D type of effect making the image pop out of the painting and it makes my paintings look alive.


Each artwork takes a long time to create and to set-up. It is important for me to tell a story or to make a statment through my art. Every artwork is unique and is part of my limited edition. My art is ready to hang. The artwork is signed and numbered - an art certificate comes with each artwork. 

Please note that I do not redesign my art, what you see is what you get.

The normal size is 120x160cm or 100x100cm (sizes can be adjusted).

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