ART INFO Artwork & Wall sculptures

My WALL sculptures and Artwork/fine art photography:

My art is being created electronically on the computer and by drawing by hand both digital and on paper. I love experimenting with web filters, different patterns and colours. From a distance my ART looks like a photo - but if you look closer it’s more like a painting, Behind every artwork lies a story to be told! It has taken years to arrive at where I am now, and it’s still a lot of fun!

I absolutely love what I do and I am so grateful that the universe has been so kind to me. Thank you.

I work on a Mac in both Photoshop, Illustrator, IN-Design and on other digital platforms. Here I draw on the images and work with special effects. I also draw on paper and scan my illustrations so that they can be included in my art. I create my artwork in layers (sometimes up to 600 layers or more), this takes a lot of time - but my time is well spend as the finishing result gives the viewer a 3D type of effect making the images pop out of the painting and making them look alive. I love taking photos and I always have my camera with me.


Print on the back of Acrylic Glass.

When I create my acrylic wall sculptures I cut out the images in physical acrylic plates and put them on top of each other with a little bit of air between - this gives the artwork natural shadows. My acrylic wall art sculptures are very different from my other artwork. It can not be compared as one is a wall sculpture with air between and the other is a beautiful flat fine art photography print.


Ready to hang:

All my artwork and wall art sculptures are ready to hang.


Normally I sell my art without a frame as it looks really nice and elegant without framing. The artwork can be framed in exclusive wooden art frames (brown, black, natural or white) or aluminium. It is very individual what kind of frame my customers want and in some cases I send the artwork directly to a framing shop near my client, so that they can choose a frame them self. 


Worldwide delivery:

International insured shipping directly to your home. 

Limited editions: 

Every artwork is unique and part of my limited editions. I only makes from 5 up to 10 pcs. of each artwork worldwide. The artwork is available in different sizes but the edition number is the same no matter the size of the given artwork. The artwork is signed and numbered on the back - And an art certificate comes with each artwork. 

Please note: Do not ask me to redesign my art, what you see here is what you get. But I will gladly adjust the paintings so that they will fit your walls, (the acrylic wall art sculptures can not be adjusted).

How to clean the artwork:

Use a soft cloth to clean the artwork. 

Do not use any liquid containing ethanol.

My strategy is to have happy customer at any time no matter what :-)

Artist Michala Brincker