My WALL sculpture and Artwork:

My art is being created electronically on the computer and by drawing by hand both digital and on paper. I love experimenting with web filters, different patterns and colours. From a distance my ART looks like a photo - but if you look closer it’s more like a painting, Behind every artwork lies a story to be told! It has taken years to arrive at where I am now, and it’s still a lot of fun!

I absolutely love what I do and I am so grateful that the universe has been so kind to me. Thank you.

I work on a Mac in both Photoshop, Illustrator, IN-Design and other digital platforms. Here I draw on the images and work with special effects. I also draw on paper and scan my illustrations so that they can be included in my art. I create my artwork in layers (sometimes up to 500 layers), this takes a lot of time - but my time is well spend as the finishing result gives the viewer a 3D type of effect making the images pop out of the painting and making them look alive. I love taking photos with my Canon EOS5D, my retro FUJIFILM X100T and my Iphone.


Wall sculptures:

When I create my acrylic wall sculptures I cut out the images in physical acrylic plates and put them on top of each other with a little bit of air between - this gives the artwork natural shadows. Creating my acrylic wall sculptures is a little complicated as I need every layer to be cut out perfectly and well proportioned on top of each other. I am very proud of the out come :-)  My acrylic wall art sculptures are very different from my other artwork. It can not be compared as one is a wall sculpture and the other a painting.



I print my artwork as Museum acrylic prints in 4 mm to get an exclusive look.

Please note that I do not redesign my art, what you see is what you get. BUT I will gladly adjust the paintings so that they will fit your walls. I don't do portraits anymore sorry.

My artwork is printed as limited editions which means that I only make from 5 up to 10 pcs. of each artwork world wide. Please see under each artwork how many I make. The artwork is signed and numbered - an art certificate comes with each artwork. 

How to clean the artwork:

Use a soft cloth to clean the artwork. 

WARNING: Do not use any liquid containing ethanol.

My strategy is to have happy customer at any time no matter what :-)

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